The Gold package is ideal for a small to medium business that wants to integrate a basic customer relationship management with process automation. By automation your process work flow you can have all your data stored on one singular platform. The Gold package includes all the features of the Silver CRM package and added features like quotation, job card, invoicing and time management.



With the gold package you can preload your products and services which allows you to eliminate time wastage when creating quotation.

  • Pre-set your descriptions and pricing to eliminate human errors
  • Send your quotation directly from BizBot giving your client the option to accept or reject the quotation online.
  • Follow up and Follow through with quotations that have been sent from the system
  • Generate your Job Card or Invoice directly from the quotation eliminating duplication of work


By implementing BizBot in your company, your technicians will have the ability to utilise the cloud-based system with our Techie View. Clients digitally sign off their Job Cards and immediately give you feedback on the service that has been done.

  • Utilising the calendar on the system, the office can schedule the team’s jobs in advance which is updated on the technician’s calendar automatically.
  • Digitally sign off on the job cards with your companies’ terms and conditions ensuring your customer agrees to the terms and conditions
  • Name and date stamped – the system will not capture a signature if the person signing off the job cards name is not insert.
  • Manage the time spent and mileage through the system by utilising the timer and kilometre fields on the techie view


BizBot is a one stop platform where you do all your documents from Quotations through to your Tax Invoices all linked to your customers profile.

  • Generate a Tax Invoice from the quotation without duplicating any information
  • Link the Tax Invoice to your accounting system for easy access to your accountant
  • Have all information of your customers Invoices on their profiles for access without looking on two different systems


Reporting is essential in a business; Basic reporting is included on the Gold Package allowing a business to know the numbers.

  • All reporting functionality from the silver package is included
  • Download reporting that details the basic aspects of open vs closed quotations
  • Download basic reporting on activities that has been scheduled and completed


Compare our Products Silver CRM Only Gold Platinum
Lead Quantity – 5000
Leads Management
Notifications (Default)
Automated Mailer (CRM)
Database Management
Online Support
Default Customer Feedback Request
Customizable Form Builder
Lead Quantity – 25 000
Notifications (Customizable)
Customizable Feedback Request
Email Campaigns 1000 2000 5000
Reporting Basic Advanced Master
SMS Campaigns Setup
Lead Quantity – 50 000 ✓*
Compare our Products Silver CRM Only Gold Platinum
Quote Builder
Job Card Builder
Paperless System
Accept Online Payment
Accept Mobile Payments
Full Integration to Accounting Package *
Dash Board Customization
Feature Customization
Up to 5 Branches
Custom Quote Layout
Custom Job Card Layout
Custom Invoice Layout
Credit Notes
WooCommerce Integration ✓*
White labelled Platform
Unlimited Branches
Multi Warehousing ✓*
Compare our Products Silver CRM Only Gold Platinum
Task Management
Shared calendars
Timer Setup
Ticketing System

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