The Silver package focus on your customer relationship management, building your database on a cloud-based system that gives you access to data no matter where you are with internet access.



Building your data base on the system can be done in various ways by utilising tools available on the system

  • The form on your website will be directly linked with BizBot, as soon as a client submits their information the lead will be created on BizBot automatically.
  • Create a new lead manually
  • Use the quick create form functionality to add a new lead
  • Import your leads from a spread sheet using the importing tool made available on the system


Stay in communication with your leads and educate your client base about your business and industry.

  • Send email communication through the lead profile
  • Set up an email campaign to do bulk emailing to your leads
  • Schedule your emails to be send out on a certain day and time
  • Keep your emails linked to the lead profile and know what communication has been sent.


Reporting is essential to know exactly where your advertising is most effective. Thus, knowing where advertising is bringing you customers.

  • Download reporting that details the in-depth aspects of your lead sources
  • Download reporting on the specific industries that your leads come from
  • Download reporting on the status of your leads, this will give you an indication on what leads need to be followed up and how many of them need more information and educating before buying from your company.
  • You have the ability to set the parameters on every report you download from the system.


Compare our Products Silver CRM Only Gold Platinum
Lead Quantity – 5000
Leads Management
Notifications (Default)
Automated Mailer (CRM)
Database Management
Online Support
Default Customer Feedback Request
Customizable Form Builder
Lead Quantity – 25 000
Notifications (Customizable)
Customizable Feedback Request
Email Campaigns 1000 2000 5000
Reporting Basic Avanced Master
SMS Campaigns Setup
Lead Quantity – 50 000 ✓*
Compare our Products Silver CRM Only Gold Platinum
Quote Builder
Job Card Builder
Paperless System
Accept Online Payment
Accept Mobile Payments
Full Integration to Accounting Package *
Dash Board Customization
Feature Customization
Up to 5 Branches
Custom Quote Layout
Custom Job Card Layout
Custom Invoice Layout
Credit Notes
WooCommerce Integration ✓*
White labelled Platform
Unlimited Branches
Multi Warehousing ✓*
Compare our Products Silver CRM Only Gold Platinum
Task Management
Shared calendars
Timer Setup
Ticketing System

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